OPEN Forum Beta Groups

Beta features designed to help American Express OPEN Forum team test and validate select hypothesis for upcoming product pivot.


OPEN Forum Beta Groups

Time management is all business owner's number one concern. Business owners spends more time working on their business (operations) than for their business (networking & getting customers). For business owners looking for help on specific problems, current business resources are too general with one-size-fit-all solutions. 

The next generation of OPEN Forum aims to become an efficient and personalized platform that help connect business owners to the right resources at the right time. For the last couple of months, the design and strategy team have been working on couple of new features to ultimately "help business owners do more business". OPEN Forum group is the first of many more features to come late 2016.


Unique Business ID


Every business owner is unique. With this Beta launch, we've integrated a basic personalization algorithm that allows us to recommend members based on percentage match. When the user look at another business owner's ID, they can see how well they're matched with that person by the rings. New tertiary colors are introduced complimentary to existing OPEN Forum palette. Each industry has its unique color and is used as accents around user elements. 


Finding the right group

To fine the right group to join, invited Beta users have to generate a business ID by inputting information about themselves and their business (position title, industry, location, business stage, employees and etc). Based on the inputs, the system them recommend selection of group that's best fit their situation. 


Group Experience


At launch, we're testing couple of hypothesis with 3 different types of groups (industry, location, and topic). For quality and intimate interactions, we've adapted learnings from real life events. Each group is sized at 20 - 50 users and will be hosted by a business expert. The host will post weekly discussion starters to guide group discussion and help members with their problems. 



The Design Team

Olivier Peyre
Creative Director

Carolyn Huang
UX Designer


My Role

Product designer UI/UX




June 2016