OPEN Forum Redesign

Redesigning Amex OPEN Forum across all touchpoint to help small-business owners get the right insights they need to reach that next level in business growth.


Amex OPEN Forum Redesign

OPEN Forum® visual identity has been conservative over the last 4 years, inheriting the predominately blue and white palette from the main American Express property. We were challenged to redesign the visual identity to better capture the essence of the face pace small-business lifestyle. The brief was clear from the beginning: to create a visual identity that makes OPEN Forum memorable, exciting and approachable while still fitting in the OPEN ecosystem.

Before we start designing, we look to our users and identified key needs as small-business owners.


Style Guide

The new OPEN Forum identity is focused, authenticpersonal and approachable for the user. 


Responsive Web


To start implementation, we tackle select key pages that had the highest user traffic first. Knowing that our users have limited time and are always juggling multiple things at once, these pages are designed to optimize the path for content consumption.


Other Applications

Showing the brand and illustration are used on the native iOS Mobile App, publications and social.

Mobile App Onboarding Screens

Social Post

Growth Guide



The Design Team

Olivier Peyre
Creative Director

Shalimar Luis
Art Director

Carolyn Huang
UX Designer

Sam Hardenburgh
iOS App UI/UX Designer


My Role

Product designer UI/UX